About us

Ant Media is a member of Ant Group which is a technology - media and entertainment corporation founded in Vietnam and working in partnerships globally. We create technology products and develop media ecosystems for businesses, artists and content creators to bring their products and brands to million of worldwide customers and audiences. Ant Media has more than 9 years of experience in the development and distribution of digital content. We offer a wide range of services to help our customers and partners stand out in the fast - changing digital era.

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Our story

We believe that everyone has a dream and action is the only way to achieve success. Many years ago, when the founding team of Ant Group was a small group of people with the same dream, they started creating videos on Youtube with the belief that Youtube will be the future of entertainment and digital media. Ant Group is now a corporation with hundreds of employees and strong media platforms, the team still goes together. At Ant Media we have a working motto: Together we will succeed. Working with Ant Media! Regardless of your product, service, or brand, together we will go out into the world.

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What we do

Channel Optimization

We combine many years of our experiences with a huge existing channel system to optimize and develop your Youtube channel. We grow your channel from zero to hero.

Music Distribution

As a multi channel social media corporation, we distribute your music across multiple platforms simultaneously. Especially since we have a large audience from our big music Youtube channels, we will help turn your music into money easily.

Celebrity Management

You have talent, we have platforms and media experiences. You do not need to step by step build your audience. We will bring you and your talent to millions of audiences who love your talent in just one click.

Content Creator

We have a talented creative team that can create videos that not only attract audiences, but are also compatible with the Youtube algorithm to reach the maximum audience.

Digital Advertising

Data is everything and we have everything. We work with many companies executing branded content and influencer marketing campaigns; in addition to designing strategies and managing corporate channels on YouTube.

Facebook Services

As a leading media corporation in the area, our strong teams can provide whatever you want to grow your Fanpage Facebook, Tiktok channels. When working with us, you will be connected directly with the Facebook department team including the most talented, most enthusiastic people.


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