Smart Watch Stainless Steel Watch 38mm Series 2 - Silver Link Bracelet

Smart Watch Stainless Steel Watch 38mm Series 2 - Silver Link Bracelet

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  • Apple
25,000,000 VND

- Design beautiful, luxurious, water resistance at a depth of 50m

- New dual-core processor faster

- GPU graphics is twice as powerful

- Display brightness of 1000 nit

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Apple Wach Stainless Steel 38mm Series 2 Watch - Silver Link Bracelet

Waterproof to a depth of 50m

The 38mm Series 2 (Silver) Sport Watch has an impressive water resistance, which works well at depths of up to 50 meters. Even Apple has said they are taking very stringent tests on this feature to ensure that you can go swimming daily with the Apple Watch Series 2.

Faster, smoother processing speed

The hardware that Apple uses in the Watch 2 Series is also impressive, including a new dual-core processor that's 50% faster than the old chip on last year's model, while the graphics GPU is twice as powerful. Apple said the Watch 2 will make the experience smoother and handle much faster even with graphics-intensive applications such as Night Sky 4 that easily reach 60 frames per second.

The screen reaches a brightness of 1000 nit

The screen on the Apple Watch 2 can reach a brightness of 1,000 nit - an extremely high number that in any case bright light still gives you the ability to clearly see all the content displayed on the watch face.

GPS support

With GPS support, you will not need to carry your phone with you in the course of fitness as Apple Watch 2 can monitor health, update location-based information without connecting to it. Iphone. In addition, Apple's new smart watch also has the ability to independently measure distance.


Must have warranty stamp of Sea Wind and stamp must not show signs of decay.Warranty card is under warranty, not erased or torn.
Warranty stamp, serial number bar must remain intact, no signs of shaved, erased or torn.
Damage of the equipment is determined due to technical faults or faults of the manufacturer.
When purchasing accessories, the device is issued genuine warranty card such as hard drive, USB, Ram, Bluetooth Headset, you will receive warranty card, on the card with the conditions of warranty, address Warranty, benefits of customers ... Customers must present the warranty card when the product warranty directly at the warranty center written on the coupon or at the Sea Wind Shop.

Machine or equipment showing strange solution or water.
Machines or equipment due to collisions or falls, cracks, dents, distortions, deformation, scratches, damp stains, rust, convergence.
Device screen of the machine is not damaged under warranty.
Equipment showing signs of fire, rodents, insect infiltration or used in wet environment.
Equipment damaged due to natural disaster fire, use of unstable power source or due to installation, transportation, improper use, equipment circuit breakage, fire burns, etc.
The keyboard case of the machine suffocated, broken, broken, broken ... and so on.
There is no warranty for accessories such as charger, headset, cable, case, switch, power cord, remote control, promotion products.
Not responsible for warranty data contained in the storage device of the customer when the device warranty.
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