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Lần đầu tiên cặp đôi iPhone 7 và 7 Plus khoác lên mình gam màu đỏ rực ấn tượng

Chỉ có 2 phiên bản bộ nhớ là 128GB và 256GB

Riêng iPhone 7 Plus sẽ lần đầu sở hữu camera kép

Hot water heater
PICENZA S20E hot and cold water tank is stainless steel, which is durable material, can not be damaged and leaks in all water sources.


Titan coated container
With the Titan coating on the inside of the container, completely covering the welds, penetrates deep into the steel surface of the container so that the container is protected safely, free from debris, can not be destroyed and leaks. Leaks in all water sources.

Automatic safety valve
The PICENZA S20E hot water heater has a safety valve, which automatically reduces the pressure if the pressure in the tank exceeds that of the hot water and does not back up to cold water.


Safety relay automatically disconnect power
The thermal relay is a capillary-type relay that measures the temperature from the center of the tank, automatically turning the power off in the preset mode to ensure sufficient hot water. Safety relays automatically switch off when the thermostat breaks or overheats.


ELCB anti-shock function
The PICENZA S20E hot water heater has an ELCB integrated safety control system that ensures the safety of hot water directly from the kettle.

Keep heat for a long time
The PICENZA S20E hot-water bath has a special thermal-insulating foam which uses the injection technology to retain heat longer.

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