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100,000,000 VND

4mm thick cast iron pot with non-stick coating, easy cleaning and cleaning.

3 heaters help to heat cooked rice in all 3 sides, retain the maximum nutrients

9 versatile cooking modes make you more convenient with a wide variety of dishes.

Electric rice cooker capacity up to 1.8 liters
The 1.8L capacity is equivalent to 1.5kg rice. With this capacity, the rice cooker can meet the needs of a small party or for 4-6 people.


Pot coated with non-stick enamel
A 4mm thick cast iron pot with a non-stick coating for better cooking, no sticking and extremely easy cleaning.



3D cooking technology, evenly heated with 3 heaters
Toshiba RC-18NMF (WT) V rice cooker with 3 heaters on the bottom, around and from the rice lid will help to heat cooked rice cooked in all 3 sides, retain the maximum nutrients. You will no longer encounter raw, cooked, cooked rice with the Toshiba RC-18NMF (WT) V rice cooker.


Intelligent escape valve
Intelligent escape valve on the rice cooker controls effective evaporation which helps the rice to taste better and retain the vitamins available in the rice.


Intelligent rice cooker integrates up to 9 versatile cooking modes
With 9 cooking modes: white rice, fast rice, mixed rice, cooking porridge, stewing, fermenting, baking, soup, boiled eggs and 2 modes of warming rice and keeping warm soup, rice cooker Toshiba RC- 18NMF (WT) V makes housework easier, more convenient with a wide variety of dishes.



Many smart features
Intelligent cooking timer on the Toshiba rice cooker frees you up, saving you a lot of time in cooking.
In addition, the rice cooker has the ability to keep food warm for up to 12 hours, whenever you have a cup of cooked rice for a meal.
The control panel of the rice cooker is a combination of buttons with LCD display clearly visible intuitive easy to manipulate, especially Braille for the visually impaired

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