5 ways to cooperate with TikTok Kol Marketing 2022

5 ways to cooperate with TikTok Kol Marketing 2022

5 ways to cooperate with TikTok Kol Marketing 2022

13:42 - 10/08/2022

TikTok Kol has become one of the mainstream trends for online commerce. The global lockdown for 2020-2021 is also a stimulating factor for the popularity of TikTok Kol

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Customers today don't trust advertising anymore, they choose what they want to hear and who they trust, TikTok Kol is an example.

In this article, Ant Media offers some of the most popular forms of marketing using TikTok Kol.

5 ways to cooperate with TikTok Kol Marketing 2022

What is TikTok Kol? 

The importance of TikTok Kol in Marketing  

KOL TikTok

Kol TikTok Marketing 2022

5 ways to cooperate with Kol TikTok Marketing 2022

  1. Competitions and giveaways
  2. Sponsored content
  3. Product and content collaborations
  4. Takeovers on your platform
  5. Reviews
  6. Long-term brand ambassadors


This makes the digital marketplace become crowded. With the growth of the attention economy, we witness a brand new form of exchange where brands find and acquire customer attention by creating interesting and appealing videos.

TikTok Kols are your content producers. They generate native advertisements that tend to resonate well with customers, which can boost your advertising performance and increase overall conversion. Then analysts can find out the best performing Kol content and generate paid ads to run to a specific target audience. As Kol content is considered more authentic, this usually brings in better engagement and conversion rates.

1. Competitions and giveaways

According to your product’s price point, you can use a small amount of your budget to give away some products every month to competition winners or influencers.

Influencers’ unboxing videos via their Instagram accounts or Youtube channels can help highlight your product by getting it in front of their audience at a low cost to your company.

2. Sponsored content

Sponsored content is one of the most common marketing examples. Brands contact TikTok Kol to ask whether they agree to endorse one of their products or services or vice versa. The final product is often an image, video, or blog post featuring your goods or services, based on the influencer’s channels you’ve compromised.

These campaigns often begin with the brand sending the TikTok Kol a campaign summary that includes certain guidelines and requirements. However, it’s also essential that you give your TikTok Kols some creative freedom. It’s their audience, so they know the most appropriate ways to engage them.

Kol TikTok


3. Product and content collaborations

Several brands have partnered with TikTok Kol to co-create products or content. This is often seen in the beauty and fashion industries, where Kols produce their own line of accessories, clothing, or beauty products under the brand.

4. Takeovers on your platform

In a takeover, the brand allows the TikTok Kol to access its social media channels for a specific period of time. Normally, the period lasts one day, but some last as long as a week for special events or occasions.

Influencers can produce day-in-the-life-of or behind-the-scenes posts, stories, and videos to make your audience intrigued and engaged.

5. Reviews

One of the most popular influencer marketing practices of reviews includes a brand providing its products or services to the influencer for free or the influencer writing a review in exchange.

6. Long-term brand ambassadors

As the name mentions, a long-term ambassador is an influencer who works with your brand for a specific period. You could consider them a “face” of your brand, kind of how famous spokespeople work in traditional advertising strategies.

Different from other influencer marketing practices, a brand ambassador might market your brand for some months to a year or longer.

This sort of influencer marketing campaign can drive great results as:

  • More frequent promotion opens more chances to showcase the versatility of your brand’s offerings.
  • Repetition keeps your company at the top of mind for the ambassador’s followers.
  • A closer rapport with the influencer means more trust, reliability, and authenticity in their audience’s eyes.
  • The churn rate in your marketing strategy is lower, which equivalents to less uncertainty and more convenience.

Influencer marketing is an indispensable factor to promote the brand of a business and increase the trust of the customers in your store. You know, any customer also wants to buy the product or the service at a reputable store. So using influencer marketing for the business is very necessary.

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of media and entertainment technology, Ant Group has a lot of experience in applying Kol TikTok to Marketing campaigns. With a large Kol network, we always update the latest trends to meet the needs of the audience, giving customers the most effective and quality marketing products.


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